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Our goal is to provide a safe, clean, and stimulating environment for the children where they feel at ease and accepted. LBCDCC uses social, physical, mental, and spiritual activities to motivate growth in our children. We focus on age and developmentally appropriate play and activities to encourage growth in the areas of cognition, gross motor, fine motor, art, music, and the Bible.


LBCDCC is a ministry focusing on Christian values. While we share facilities with Long Beach Christian Reformed Church, no one Christian denominational belief is emphasized. All classes participate in prayer, Bible stories, and praise time.

Classroom Info

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Care Bears (Age 2)

Developmental Play

Sunshines (Age 3)

Early Learning

Rainbows (Age 4-5)

Kindergarten Readiness

Our Teachers

Jeanette Perucho


Ms. Lisa

Ms. Vanessa

Ms. Savannah

Ms. Kisa

Ms. Faith

Ms. Kathleen

Ms. Lani

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 7.46_edited.png

Ms. Paola

Ms. Chanelle

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